We are seeking a senior software engineer who enjoys delivering, growing, and mentoring. Our seniors have deep understandings of the SDLC, modern software engineering practices, XP, and agile delivery of value to customers. We’re looking for someone who has experience with diverse technologies, can quickly learn and adapt to new ones, can help in technical decisions, genuinely enjoys constructive technical debates, and can influence others to continuously improve.

Our multi-disciplinary and multinational team cover the full stack from Kotlin backend microservices to frontend Vue.js and Typescript.

As a senior engineer you will leverage your domain expertise to maintain code quality as well as help others to learn your domain. Like all engineers you are expected to expand your skills, to become a more rounded full-stack engineer, and contribute to all code bases.

As a team member you will gain a deep understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle to deliver value to SO Energy customers using agile processes supported by our in-house Data Analytics team.

Join a high-performance engineering team:

We are building a robust, performant, and scalable platform utilising a microservices architecture on Google Cloud. Our diverse tech stack features Vue.js on the frontend and Kotlin on the backend, but we also have some Ruby and Python.

As part of our key leadership role you’ll play a pivotal role in building out our architecture quickly, with great attention to quality and detail, and innovating wherever opportunities are discovered – expanding our robust microservice based platform’s capabilities whilst keeping the Total Cost of Ownership low. The majority of time will be spent collaborating with your team members cutting code, or within our software guilds refining practices and learning new technologies. We are looking for our seniors, to grow their line management skills with 1-5 directs in your “pod” as we scale the platform and our team. Your “pod” provides each member support and self-organised capability growth.


  • “Must”:
    • Deep on at least one backend JVM language (Kotlin preferred) or frontend JavaScript (frameworks React, Angular, Vue preferred), and proficient in the other; or deep in both backend and different frontend languages.
    • GitHub, Gradle, GCloud, SonarCloud, bash, Regex, PostgreSQL, Json
  • “Nice”:
    • Confluence, Jira, Actionable Agile Analytics, Miro, DataDog


What you’ll be getting up to:

  • Designing and implementing capabilities across the entire stack, both frontend (JavaScript, VueJS, HTML, CSS, Typescript) and backend (Kotlin) technologies.
  • Championing quality software and practices across the company, and leading small iterative improvements every day.
  • Proactively seeking opportunities to improve the system as a whole; simplifying, refactoring and optimising to make development easier for you and your colleagues.
  • Collaborating within a cross-functional and cross-disciplinary team (Frontend, Backend, Product, Data, QA) and foster a knowledge-sharing environment while mentoring junior team members.
  • Delivering Business Value by driving shared and modern software engineering principles throughout the SDLC, including secure coding practices, TDD, BDD, risk-based testing levels and cadences, and cloud deployments in Google Cloud.
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of internal tooling and environments, our whole system design, working as a customer of our SRE and DevOps capabilities.

This role will be a great fit if:

  • Have deep knowledge on one or more of React, Vue, JavaScript, Java or Kotlin, and experience in frontend, backend, or mobile development.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of system design and software architecture implementation principles. Be adept at applying the right methodologies for each task, adhering to established workflows while actively seeking and advocating for enhancements to our processes.
  • Enjoy being agile and collaboratively working with others in an XP, Scrum, Kanban, hybrid.
  • Aiming to elevate your career by growing into a leadership position.
  • Are passionate about creating quality work, and helping others to do the same, focusing on never needing to be On Call.
  • Continuously improving our Monitoring and Alerting, and Self-Restoring capabilities.
  • Already have energy supply experience or are willing to learn this domain quickly; Similarly the rapidly changing renewable energy sector.
  • Are comfortable communicating within diverse teams and apply their interpersonal skills to facilitate ceremonies and workshops.
  • Learning quickly, and applying in feedback cycles, spikes, walking skeletons, evolving our domain design to match and predict environmental changes eg regulatory.
  • Are interested in developing your technological expertise including secure code, risk-based testing, and constructive peer or group-based reviews.
  • Are willing to commit to our core company values: clear, honest, ambitious, inquisitive, caring, sustainable.

Research shows that some people are less likely to apply for a role unless they are 100% qualified. Your experience, skills and passion will set you apart so tell us about your achievements, irrespective of whether they are personal or work-related, tell us about your journey, and about what you learnt.

So, if this role excites you, don’t let our role description hold you back, get applying!