Wild Ken Hill is a pioneering sustainable farming & nature recovery project on the Norfolk coast. We use rewilding, regenerative farming, and traditional conservation techniques to fight climate change, restore biodiversity, and engage people with nature.

Wild Ken Hill was founded in 2019 and quickly a strong public interest in the project grew. Wild Ken Hill has featured in a variety of national and local press, magazines, radio, and news programmes. Perhaps most notably the UK’s flagship nature series – BBC’s The Watches – used Wild Ken Hill as its anchor site for 6 programmes, covering 12 weeks of television between May 2022 and January 2023. During these programmes, live and recorded footage of Wild Ken Hill, its wildlife, and its mission were broadcast to millions of viewers, bringing terms like “rewilding” and “regenerative farming” to mass audiences. No doubt related to this coverage, our social media following has subsequently grown quickly for a small business in this sector, with around ~45k total followers across different platforms.

In addition to the Guided Tours and Workshops (see website) that Wild Ken Hill already runs, the project is planning to launch a new campsite in Spring 2025, and further day-time leisure offerings in the following years. With the assistance of a part-time Marketing contractor, we have made progress towards having the strategies, partnerships, processes, and systems in place required to drive visitors to these offerings. The Marketing Executive will lead on completing this process by taking overall responsibility for the marketing function.

Job Description

The Marketing Executive would take overall responsibility for the marketing function at Wild Ken Hill. They would report to the Founder and would also receive guidance from our marketing advisor.

The Marketing Executive would be a confident, enthusiastic, and well-rounded individual professional seeking to take up a full time role.

The Marketing Executive would need to be able to both perform day-to-day marketing tasks, as well as think strategically and long-term about wider marketing priorities.

Required Skills & Experiences

  • A 2:1 Undergraduate degree, preferably in a relevant vocational degree
  • A minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in a marketing role
  • Ability to take initiative, prioritise well between tasks, and make good day-to-day decisions
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to adapt your work style according to the necessities of particular collaborations and partnerships
  • A strong work ethic
  • A range of basic marketing skills, such as marketing planning, content creation, copywriting, data analytics and picture editing are beneficial . Note that a breadth of basic skills is more important than depth of skill in a particular specialism.
  • Comfortable across MS Office and relevant software and web apps (GA, Mailchimp
  • (Desirable) Experience in any of the following sectors: leisure and tourism, conservation, farming


  • Ownership and implementation of the Wild Ken Hill marketing strategy, including:
    • Refine the existing overall strategy and build strategies for new, individual products and services as they are launched
    • Design and lead specific marketing campaigns and activations
    • Focus on driving visitor numbers to Wild Ken Hill’s current (guided tours) and future (accommodation, visitor attraction) nature-based tourism offerings
    • Own the Wild Ken Hill brand, including leading a scheduled re-brand in Q3 2024.
    • Report to the Founder on agreed marketing KPIs.
  • Effective management of third party agencies and contractors, including:
    • Third party website and hosting agency
    • Third party SEO & digital campaign agency
    • Other third parties used on a project-by-project basis, e.g., videographers, illustrators, photographers
  • Lead high-quality collaborations with other Wild Ken Hill team members, including:
    • Producing short-form video, written pieces and other content to leverage in campaigns through working with the in-house Farming & Conservation team
    • Working with the in-house Social Media & PR manager to create effective, on-brand SM campaigns
  • Managing Wild Ken Hill CRM activities, designing email campaigns, and performing data analysis on audience and customer segments
    • Manage both ongoing campaigns and automated flows
    • Analyse audiences and create segmentation to be used for tailored campaigns
    • Identify growth opportunities for new and existing audiences through CRM
  • Building relationships with external partners, journalists, and other stakeholders
  • Producing written and illustrated content as required for the above responsibilities

Employment details

  • £30-40k p.a. subject to candidates level of experience
  • Full time
  • Hybrid location, with 2 days per week minimum in our Norfolk office (Postcode: PE31 7PQ)
  • Expected start date 17th June

How to Apply

If you are interested in the role, please submit a CV and a brief covering letter (1 page max) answering the questions 1) why you would like the role, and 2) why you would be a good fit for the role to hello@wildkenhill.co.uk before 11:59pm on Monday 6th May.