Are you passionate about nature recovery in the Pennine Valleys? Could you create more diverse habitats along the Colne Valley in Huddersfield, working with volunteers, businesses and the community. Could you enlist others to contribute to better stewardship of rivers in an urban setting?

EPIKS has been working with partners to improve the River Colne and give people better access to wildlife-rich habitats for over 20 years. Three years ago we developed the Huddersfield Riverside Nature Park. This new project will help the HRNP to become a pilot for developing a network of more diverse habitat mosaics that could be implemented at a landscape scale and contribute to the vision of a Three Valleys Nature Park. You will be working as part of a team in the Colne and Calder Landscape Links Landscape Recovery project, with partners from Calderdale and Kirklees Councils, Calder Rivers Trust, Moors for the Future and EPIKS across 10,000 hectares of the Colne and Upper Calder.

The pilot Habitat Improvement Plan you will be working on will demonstrate and model techniques to show how we can improve biodiversity along the valleys. Engaging and involving people will be a key part of that process, as will the improvement of infrastructure to help people access nature on their doorstep. Establishing a sense of corporate responsibility for businesses, and mechanisms for contributing to the improvement of the area in which they operate, will also be part of your remit. You will share your knowledge and findings with the wider Landscape Recovery team.

You will be highly organised, systematic and personable and able to carry out practical conservation work. You will focus on the improvements of woodlands, rivers and peri–urban greenspaces with volunteers from a range of backgrounds. You will have experience in the repair and improvements to blue-green infrastructure, so that people can access nature, leisure and active travel in the Nature Park. You will work with others to develop new funding streams and implement better river stewardship to ensure sustainable management into the future.  

The role offers an office base in Huddersfield, with options for flexible working and working from home.

Closing date is midnight on Saturday 4th May 2024

Interviews will be on 7th and 9th May 2024 in Huddersfield or via Teams