Who are INCPEN?  What does INCPEN do?

INCPEN has 3 employees. It is a membership organisation of packaging manufacturers, brands, retailers, recyclers and reprocessors. Members have over 600,000 employees in the UK alone and contribute over £10billion to the UK economy.

We work with governments and the packaging value chain to advance sustainable packaging systems, implement the circular economy, help deliver net zero, support resource efficiency, carry out research, and contribute to policy.

INCPEN works hard to be a force for good.  We’re now seeking a 4th member of the team working at senior level across the packaging value chain including manufacturers, brands, retailers, councils, recycling management companies, reprocessors, NGOs and with governments and citizens when required.

Why does INCPEN need a Head of Packaging Impacts?

INCPEN has been working hard with the UK’s four governments on the packaging reforms. We’re well-positioned to shape actions. But we also want to REALLY get busy with the whole packaging value chain in delivering improved UK-wide results on recycling rates, packaging sustainability systems, circular economy and net zero. That’s where the new post of Head of Packaging Impacts comes in.

The full Job Description for the new Head of Packaging Impacts is within the Recruitment Pack. Please do read the JD carefully. It will be a major part of the successful candidate’s work life.

Salary: Commensurate with talent & experience: c.£50,000 – £58,000 perhaps more for an excellent candidate

A large part of the focus in 2024 includes …

  • Developing and initiating INCPEN’s ‘Positive Packaging’ programme of work up to 2030 and maybe beyond. This is pretty much a blank page for the successful candidate to draw-up plans for approvals.
  • A heavy emphasis on plans to engage extensively across the packaging value chain, and enthuse actions to deliver great results on the UK’s packaging reforms.
  • A timely upgrade of INCPEN’s website content and social media channels, and gaining traction to drive results, allied to INCPEN’s ‘Positive Packaging’ programme.

This is a great job with a big UK-wide role for someone with a track record of relevant achievements.

What are INCPEN’s priorities for 2024?

We have 3 top priorities for 2024 …

1.Maximising the range, quantity & quality of packaging for recycling, reuse or refill as
part of delivering well-designed UK packaging reforms.

2.Use 2024 to build INCPEN’s longer-term focus to 2030 and beyond.

3.A professional, resilient, credible & authentic INCPEN.

INCPEN’s new Head of Packaging Impacts will be integrally & fully involved in achieving these priorities. Some are longer-term and dependent on how the whole packaging value chain works together. That’s why INCPEN doesn’t want to allow UK excellence to be a ‘matter of chance’. We want to do everything we can to secure high UK performance.