We’re looking for someone special to join our young and growing team. Someone who can come in as right hand to the Programme Director, with the energy and experience to thrive in a radically uncertain but boldly ambitious social start-up.

As Head of Delivery, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the future of YES. You’ll be responsible for designing and delivering proofs of concept that demonstrate the programme’s viability and potential, paving the way for it to scale nationwide by 2030.

Initially on a six-month contract, but with the option to extend, your first focus will be on laying the groundwork for our next proof of concept, designing the programme, identifying partners and securing funding that will allow us to create up to 50 roles in a specific region (TBC once in role) in 2025.

Longer term, we’re looking for someone who can:

  • Deliver Proof of concepts: Design, develop and deliver future projects that support the creation of new paid placements in different regional hubs across the country. Building on lessons from our first pilot we need to continue to refine what YES does, how it works, all with the goal of building a body of compelling evidence that will shape how we scale our vision.
  • Own the ‘Product’: We need a clear, accessible, and compelling proposition for how we do what we do and why it works. You’ll be responsible for keeping hold of that core product, and making sure it doesn’t get diluted as the programme begins to scale.
  • Secure funding: Engage with funders, big and small, to bring in the financial support required to deliver our proofs of concept. We’ll need to experiment with a more sustainable long-term funding model, so you’ll need to be able to explore new approaches to funding placements, working with a range of different funders and through different funding approaches.
  • Build a coalition: We don’t want to do this alone. You’ll need to engage nature, net zero and circular economy organisations as well as delivery partners, creating a collaborative network of organisations who can work together to deliver our programmes and create the foundations on which we can scale in the future.

Are you entrepreneurial, as comfortable being proactive and getting stuck in as you are reflecting on big-picture strategy? Do you understand the sectors, and the workforce building challenges organisations are grappling with? Can you build and lead teams, setting direction, embedding culture, and empowering others to thrive? Are you adaptable and resilient? Can you respond to new circumstances without losing your belief in a better future? Can you identify and engage senior stakeholders, building strategic relationships by aligning our work with their priorities?

If so, we can’t wait to hear from you!