As a key member of the Estates team, the Energy and Sustainability Manager provides a vital role in Atlas. You will support the delivery of the Atlas sustainability agenda and our energy commitments, whilst supporting the Trust with their wider Green Plans. As the Energy and Sustainability Manager you will drive and be part of permanent cultural change in our organisation.

Main duties of the job

Reporting to the Head of Estates, the Energy and Sustainability Manager is responsible for managing four key aspects:

Energy and Environment


Environmental and Energy Compliance

Sustainability and Energy Reporting and Data Management

The Energy and Sustainability Manager will be the lead specialist responsible for developing and driving forward Atlas’s and our client’s sustainability and energy programmes. They will strive to improve the client’s performance via the services Atlas provides and meet local and national targets whilst ensuring the cost-effective purchase of utility supplies and provide technical interpretation from internal and external sources.

The Sustainability and Energy Manager role is a vital component of our client’s strategy to manage its sustainability targets and environmental impacts whilst providing consistently high-quality services to patients and value for money to the taxpayer, in addition to ensuring that sustainability is underpinned across Atlas in that we do.

The Energy and Sustainability Manager will work closely with the Head and Deputy Head of Estates to promote energy efficiency and will act as the “operational interface” to ensure that the trusts Carbon Reduction Strategy is fully implemented and that the Trust meets internal and external energy and utility targets.

Working for our organisation

As experts in healthcare facilities and property management, we deliver fully-managed healthcare facilities services and property management solutions to clients throughout Blackpool, Fylde, Wyre and North Lancashire.

Our teams ensure our clients properties and amenities provide the best environment for their customers, patients, staff and visitors.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we support the Trusts frontline clinical services and assist with the delivery of patient care, through our service provision.

Our profits are used to help grow our business, whilst providing additional employment, training and development opportunities for local people.

Visit: bfwml.co.uk for further information

Detailed job description and main responsibilities

Whilst not exhaustive, the following duties represent an indication of the key duties and responsibilities expected of the post holder.

Energy and Environment

  • Responsible for development and implementation of Energy and sustainability policy
  • Responsible for Energy and Utility budgets
  • Trust lead on matters relating to Energy and Utility management
  • Management and compliance of government implemented Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme to record and report CO2 emissions
  • Management of energy and utility contracts and accounts
  • Use of ‘Key Performance Indicators’ to demonstrate energy performance on a monthly basis
  • Working with staff and management at all levels to develop a carbon reduction strategy  within the Trust
  • Use of BMS and other systems to ensure optimum energy use and produce recommendations to Estates Manager on changes required
  • Research to identify and apply for funding opportunities
  • Delivery of NHS energy saving targets and CO2 targets
  • Research and Evaluation of new technologies
  • Forecast budget outturn to identify ‘Spend to Save’ available funding and demonstrate business case for adequate provision of funds
  • Development of business cases for the implementation of CO2 and energy reduction projects alongside implementation of energy management schemes
  • Monitoring and targeting of all energy and utilities
  • Use of benchmarking to identify, and where possible adopt, best practice
  • Working with capital project managers and maintenance staff to ensure energy conservation is appropriately incorporated within engineering and construction schemes
  • Influencing procurement to improve sustainability
  • Energy surveys as required to meet statutory requirements throughout the Trust


  • Lead, advise and advocate sustainable practice across Atlas and the Trust estate. Developing and implementing sustainability strategies and programmes.
  • Support the client in the delivery of the Green plan.
  • Integrate sustainability goals into business processes by leading the Atlas sustainability plan and provide evidence of delivery through updating the sustainability dashboard.
  • Organise the training and upskilling of Atlas employees on sustainability issues
  • Develop the Atlas sustainability team. Ensuring the design fits the needs of Atlas and their clients, setting up sustainability champion groups.
  • Ensure the Trust sustainability steering group is adequately represented on behalf of Atlas.
  • Grown the relationship between the Atlas and the Trust green leads.
  • Own, lead and move forward the Sustainability Action plan using the agreed SDAT (Sustainable Development Assessment Tool).
  • Lead and organise the Atlas Sustainability Group ensuring action plans are lead and progressed.
  • Ensure relevant initiatives are identified to deliver on the Atlas sustainability and support the Green Plan and they are costed within the sustainability budget.

Environmental and Energy Compliance

  • Monitor compliance with environmental and social standards
  • Identification of statutory and NHS standards applicable to Estates function
  • Working with Estates staff and other stakeholders ensure policies, procedures and systems of evidencing compliance are in place
  • Risk rating of any non-compliance and, with responsible manager, development and monitoring of action plans relating to Estates and sustainability governance
  • Regular reporting to the Deputy Director of Facilities, Director of Facilities and Trust Board as required to meet governance requirements
  • Use of IT systems to collect, report, and monitor compliance evidence

Sustainability and Energy Reporting and Data management

  • Prepare sustainability reports (reporting) and ensure Atlas has quality data
  • Collection and validation of data for loading on to ERIC and similar database
  • Lead the completion of the PAM submission
  • Generation of reports on request from data stored
  • Use of data to assist Finance department to re-charge site overheads including energy and utilities to end users.
  • Structure of data stored to allow response to freedom of information and environmental information request

Other Duties:

The post holder will:

  • Ensure that all services are delivered in accordance with environment & sustainability and national standards and statutory legislation including relevant HTM’s.
  • Attend the various environment & sustainability Steering Groups, on an agreed regular basis to discuss environmental, sustainability and energy matters with the membership, who are made up of staff from across the organisation, client representatives and relevant external bodies.
  • Assist with external investigations or inspections by the relevant bodies, relating to environmental matters, ensuring collaboration and transparency.
  • Undertake formal inspections and assessments of all Atlas and Client related premises and workplaces, applying professional and technical skills to identify areas of non-compliance and recommend the remedial actions required to satisfy environmental regulations.
  • Record and fully document all inspections and assessments, including all electronic records, and ensure that findings are shared with the responsible managers and the Health and Safety Group.
  • Support operational managers with local and functional environmental meetings, ensuring a consistent approach across the organisation.
  • Support the capital team, estates team and divisional managers, with any capital development projects to ensure all aspects of relevant sustainability, energy and environmental regulations and legislation have been considered.
  • Lead the management of an effective relationship between Atlas, clients, and other appropriate statutory bodies.
  • Ensure that individual objectives are undertaken on an annual basis and that that associated action plans are developed and completed.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills, being able to communicate with all stakeholders, including clients, visitors, external third-party contacts, senior managers and staff from other departments.
  • Be able to conduct oneself in meetings professionally and be able to be entrusted with sensitive information.
  • Demonstrate effective negotiation, public relations, and presentation skills.
  • Contribute to achieving and maintaining quality outcomes and standards.
  • Ensure compliance with Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation principles and promote Information Governance.
  • Be required to work independently and be responsible for their own day to day planning and organisation required to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the post.
  • Act in a way that is compliant with the Atlas Financial Governance Framework in the discharge of any budget management responsibilities; and, where designated as a budget holder for assigned functions and teams, be responsible for ensuring that pay and non-pay related expenditure within the department is managed appropriately, within budget, and that the appropriate documentation is available for scrutiny.
  • Ensure that work is undertaken in line with appropriate policies, procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Ensure that the ordering, receipting, storage, and controlled usage of any materials required for both the acute estates services (procurement/requisitioning), is undertaken via the appropriate systems and in line with agreed SFIs, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all official records are maintained as appropriate.
  • When required, deal and respond efficiently with any concerns or complaints in line with the Atlas complaints procedure.
  • Attend any training courses as deemed necessary by Atlas’ management and identify own personal training requirements and opportunities. Keep knowledge and skills up to date with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and participation in the Atlas Mandatory Training scheme as appropriate. 
  • Where required, represent Atlas with active participation in both national and regional level external working groups.
  •  Undertake benchmarking exercises with appropriate datasets to seek continuous improvement ideas.
  • Attend periodic seminars / user groups organised by NHS bodies to keep up to date with the latest policies and directives and to share best practice.
  •  Any other duties deemed commensurate with the post.
  • Be available for on-call and out of hours activities as directed from time to time.
  • Any other duties deemed commensurate with the post.

Person specification


Essential criteria

  • A degree level education in Energy, Environmental Engineering, Sustainability, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering along with experience or further study in this area.

Desirable criteria

  • Membership of relevant Professional Institution
  • Accredited Energy/Environmental Assessor


Essential criteria

  • Energy management and sustainability in a large organisation.
  • Delivery of financial savings and carbon reduction
  • Undertaking research and carrying out surveys
  • Preparation of reports
  • Design or maintenance of Engineering services
  • Presentation to all levels of the organisation
  • Analysis of data and presentation of findings

Desirable criteria

  • Working with and operating quality management systems
  • Use of Monitoring and Targeting software
  • Use of Building management system
  • Use of AutoCad
  • Securing grants for energy and environment
  • Monitoring of and selection of energy and water tariffs
  • Management of budgets
  • Presenting to groups of staff
  • Developing business cases


Essential criteria
  • Good oral & written communication skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Presentational skills
  • Computer skills
  • Use of MS Excel & Word
  • Numeracy and Financial
  • Analytical skills
  • Planning & organisational skills
  • Ability to use sensitive monitoring equipment and associated tools
  • Ability to differentiate and analyse data presented numerically and by colour.

Desirable criteria

  • Ability to write Board Level reports
  • Ability to write policy documents
  • Use of Powerpoint
  • Ability to use database software


Essential criteria

  • Carbon reduction requirements
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Effects of organisation’s impact on the environment
  • Practical methods of reducing energy use, reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability

Desirable criteria

  • Care Quality Commission standards
  • Healthcare environments
  • Heating and Ventilating Control systems
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Understanding Net Zero

Personal Qualities

Essential criteria
  • Innovative
  • Proactive
  • Flexible
  • Team worker
  • Leadership and motivation of others
  • Self Motivated
  • Working to agreed deadlines
  • Positive attitude

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